Specifications and comforts

Il Cerreto is built according to principles of eco-compatibility, to protect the health of residents and the environment, frame of this project.

Each villa has been designed to offer its residents the chance to choose the solution closest to your needs energy (photovoltaic, solar or geothermal).

The inner and outer walls are covered with non-toxic paints, free of chemicals such as lead, mercury and titanium. In this way you avoid that, over time and the degradation of the paint, these harmful elements can be inhaled by residents.

Each villa is arranged so that its largest dimension is oriented east-west axis, allowing a reduction of heat loss in winter and summer.

The electrical system in the bedroom is shielded to avoid electromagnetic disturbances.

Each house has an efficient air conditioning and the possibility of installing a floor heating system. All systems are autonomous and allow residents to choose the preferred form of heating in total freedom.

For floors, MDG Ltd has selected a high-grade parquet, produced in the Italian and Europe and provided of Kasko insurance certificate  for two years, and a high quality ceramics.

The Laufen sanitary mod. Living City Palomba are combined with the tap Fantini, creating a blend of elegance.

The windows Schuco ensure quality, durability and high thermal insulation. Invisible furnishing and interior doors separate the rooms with taste and discretion. The sliding door system SCHUCO have high thermal insulation.

Technical specifications of the complex

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PIANO TERRA piano_terra_bagno piano_terra_sottoscala piano_terra_salotto piano_terra_cucina Primo_Piano Camera_Patronale Bagno_Primo_Piano Cameretta

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